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15 Jul 2019

Promoting your angling club or organisation through social media – The FREE guide.

Angling is in the doldrums! There is no getting away from the fact that angling has been in decline for some time now and, in the current climate, the prospect of having to promote your angling club, organisation or small angling business can seem like an uphill struggle. Sometimes, it is easier to just try to alienate yourself from the world of online angling. Preferring, instead, to do it the ‘good old fashioned way’.  If you are of that opinion then it was good knowing you!  Angling, like everything else, has to appeal to greater and untapped markets if it is to survive, ultimately, we need to be attracting new people to angling in general and that work starts with you! The survival and success of YOUR club or business is the starting point from which angling will recover so you have a responsibility to promote it the best you can!

I can sympathise however, some find the whole idea of social media, in some way, challenging. It can be intimidating.  It is alien to the old word of mouth, posting of hand-drawn paper advertisements in the local shops or meeting down the local pub for a chin wag. But is it?  Social media is exactly the way things have always been done, it just requires less going outside!  The problem many people have is that over the last few decades a business has built up around the world of social media, a business driven by people with a vested interest in making it sound as complicated as possible… but, really, it isn’t.  Sure, social media consultants have their place and there are times when campaigns require high investment, creative thinking and complicated analytics.. but that’s not you, you want to get more members for your club not start an international business venture!

Help is at hand!

This is where I and, I hope, this series of blogs will come in.  I have spent the last ten years of my life trying to figure out how people work.  When I was made redundant from my administrative job in the construction industry back in the early 2000s, I decided that rather than get another job like ordinary people, I would go out and learn about the world.  I started out studying archaeology and anthropology, little did I know then that my joint interests in angling and the way society worked would see me now studying for a PhD.  Following my first degree, I began to realise that people today lived in two worlds, the real and the virtual.  I was fascinated by this possibility and enrolled in a master’s degree in social media at Birmingham City University.  The subject of my master’s dissertation was the, sometimes, sexist nature of anglers social media use.  The intention behind my studying this subject was not to villanize angling but to highlight a potential growth area in angling, that of lady anglers.  Today, I am studying for a PhD, again in the way that anglers use social media.  I hope to use some of the things I have learnt over the years to help you promote your club, so I hope you will take the time to follow along with this blog series over the coming weeks and, I imagine, months!

You have to be in it to win it:

By the time we get to the end, you will have all the tools you need to successfully use social media to promote your angling club or small angling business.  Maybe you will be so successful that you will need to employ my services to help with some of the more complex concepts about social media which I won’t cover here for fear of overcomplicating the subject for people like you, the people on the ground promoting their club or business.  If you do need me or have any questions, you can always contact me via this site or via my social media presence.

To start with, I will take a quick look at the WHY’s of it all, sign up for my newsletter to be kept up to date as new updates are made to this program and start your journey to better and more effective social media for your club, organisation or small business.

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