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08 Aug 2019

What Social Media Platforms To Use – Part 3

Oh wow, got to love that question, not for any real reason other than it always comes from one of only two types of people.  There are those who think there are only, like, 5 social media sites and then there are those who have realised that there are hundreds and they can’t possibly be on them all!  My personal answer to both people is really simple but, rather than write a one or two-word blog today, I will try and actually answer the question!

How long are you going to be working on it?

I have a group and a personal page on Facebook, I also have a twitter account and an Instagram account as well as a LinkedIn and Google+ account… which do I use?  Well, I should be using all of them but, because Facebook has always worked well for me, I tend to focus my time on there!  That said, along with the other work I do, I can spend an hour or so just on that each day and I don’t post nearly enough to my personal page! I also use Linkedin frequently, but this is of more use to you if you are interested in your career profile.  The simple answer is really, expect 30 mins MINIMUM on each platform and each profile on each platform…. Do you have the time?  Then add more, only got 30 mins a day.  Stick to one!

Where is your community,

Simple answer, if you are an angler, your community is on Facebook.  Facebook has worked well for the angling world with the possibilities of creating pages, forming groups or just staying in touch with friends meaning that most anglers have a Facebook account…. Hell, what am I saying, most everyone has a Facebook account!

A second, although limited in the degree of interaction possible, I suppose, is Instagram! Anglers love fishing photos and this has meant Instagram is growing fast amongst the angling community, catching up with Facebook, soon, to overtake it!

Third, I think, Twitter… Twitter had so much promise but, for me, it got old quickly!  I still use it, I have to, I have noticed, these days, a lot of academics seem to like twitter which has always also been popular among ‘gurus’ and professionals desperate to make a name for themselves.

Google+ If you never use it, you should really have a Google+ account for your fishing club, Google+ helps your Google ranking and means more people will find your clubs details online!

Where are your potential members?

Well, again on Facebook but you need to start thinking outside the box a little, women anglers are a major target for angling promotion, what about using a social media platform preferred by females such as Pinterest?  What if you are great at making a video, maybe YouTube or Vimeo will help?  Got more to say, try something like Reddit! The fact is that social media comes in a lot of flavours and no one combination (with the exception of just sticking to Facebook) will suit everyone.  Ask your current customers/members… where do they hang out online!

Here is a great link to more than 65 social media sites for you to think about when promoting your fishing club… some will be totally unsuitable; some might make you stop and think?

65+ Social Media Sites

Finally, the short answer:

If your time is limited, and you want to see returns for your efforts, concentrate on Facebook, hands down, still the biggest and most popular amongst anglers!

** Footnote **

Whatever platform you use, make sure you are aware of and abide by the rules.  Getting banned from social media sites is easy, getting your account re-instated can be difficult!

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