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29 Sep 2019

Something Simple is Coming!

So, I have not been very secretive about the fact that I am currently working on my own angling social network.  With the simple goal of finding a place in the pocket of every angler, I am applying some of my research to the creation of an all new social media platform which will look to slowly but surely gain traction in the angling world and become the go-to place for anglers to keep up with the latest happenings in the worldwide community which is angling.

I will be the first to admit that I have had several failed attempts at this very project in the past, but I would argue that, rather than failing, I have simply found ways ‘not’ to do it.  My ongoing research into the ways that anglers use social media is proving to me, more and more, that what anglers want is not an all singing, bells and whistles, social media tool, they want a place, which is easy to use, doesn’t fail and where the conversation is about angling.

Fishamo will offer just that, and no more!  The design is inspired by the concept of Facebook Groups which have been a growing aspect of my research.  Through interaction and research in these environments’ anglers have told me some simple facts.  They don’t want to share their favourite fishing spots and there are lots of places where they can get the latest weather reports… indeed, some who I spoke to told me that, for the distance away from home they generally fish, looking out of the window will usually do!   What the anglers who I have had conversations with tell me is that they want a social media environment where they can simply ‘Talk about Fishing’! Of course, that is exactly what I have worked on providing over on Facebook but there are many clear advantages of having an ‘off Facebook’ platform for anglers, not least, the potential for monetization and the construction of a platform which is beneficial and self sufficient both as a stand alone business and a tool for the continued promotion of angling to wider and more diverse communities of potential participants.

I hope Fishamo will launch late this year or early in the new year, what it will provide is a simple, no frills social network where anglers can go to discuss their angling and their participation in the sport.  Through strict moderation it will remain a friendly environment where anglers are happy to talk and share their angling experience.  Fishamo, again, is an experiment but, this time we will build on what anglers want rather than launching an unnecessarily complex application which may be of interest to advanced anglers but will provide limited utility to the less experienced.

As vanilla and mundane as Fishamo sounds, what it offers is a revolutionary approach to post-twitter, niche social media.  A social platform that does not get in the way of what it is designed to do, bring people of a similar interest together.

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