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16 Dec 2019

My Christmas Speech

It’s coming towards Christmas and I am spending, virtually, 100% of my time with my head down working on my research. Furthermore, on the 1st of January 2020 I will be launching officially. So, I will be trying to use the days I am actually giving myself off (including Christmas Day) to add some final finishing touches and one or two features to the program before it is finally launched.  In all, I am a busy bee but I thought I would take this opportunity, probably the last opportunity I am going to have to post before the end of the year, to create a little bit of a self-serving post, my Christmas speech if you like, and talk about my year to date and the year ahead for me..

What I have been doing:

Most of the people who are likely to read this post already know that I have been working hard on spreading the word of angling through the medium of social media.  I am extremely lucky to have managed to build a successful Facebook group which I initially called ‘Talk About Fishing’.  One of the things that this group instantly taught me was just how hateful the British angling community can be!  The group grew fast but not before we were invaded by an extremely negative group who threw personal insults at me, my dead father and my children… shared photos and, basically engaged in a full-on attack because our group was growing in success! It was a bad couple of months I can tell you but, thanks to the help of others, we now have a group that revolves around a positive angling ethos and is full of friendly people.

Fishamo Christmas 2019

As you will see from the above image (our cover photo for December) the group went through a name change to ‘Fishamo’  because, inspired by what social media could actually do for angling, I decided to embark on what might be the most adventurous project of my life!  The launch of a stand-alone social network!!  Fishamo launches officially on the 1st of January 2020, a one man attempt to bring anglers and the angling industry together!

Of course, I have my blog (you are reading it) here I had hoped to regularly blog about all things social media and angling in an attempt to help businesses and clubs reach out to more anglers!  Sadly, I have not written as much as I wanted due to other things, not least my research which, like the blog, is dedicated to fully understanding the intersection between social media and angling.  I count myself lucky every single day to have receive funding from the University of Worcester for this ongoing research, which is dear to my heart and will, hopefully, result in my PhD!

What I will be doing:

Research remains central to my focus!  I have one more full year of funding to come before I have to get out there and start searching for a job, either in the world of academia or the world of business (expect me to be pestering some of you around summer to give me a job!!) .  Then there is the continuing outreach essential for my research, I have one or two conferences which I am hoping to attend where I will be able to share with the academic world and, hopefully, one or two of you what my research is finding and what it means to your business, club or simply fishing!  For those who I do not get chance to meet in the coming year, I will be sharing my thoughts and advice on using social media to promote your angling business or club through this blog in a concerted effort to write more!

Fishamo will also be a focus, I hope that I will begin to build traction as important things such as the creation of the Fishamo app become available.  I believe that the creation of a niche social media platform dedicated to fishing will have great benefits for the future of angling going forward and the work I will do to try and ensure the success of this will be something you will hear a lot about in the coming year!

I will continue my voluntary work on various committees where I will continue to strive to have an impact on the world of angling. Finally, come summer, I will be on the look out for employment (as mentioned before) I will be seeking opportunities to bring my research to bare in the real world and making a difference either in the world of academia or in the world of business, very much, dependent on where this year takes me!

Somewhere in there, I’d like to get some fishing done, put together a book proposal and get married!!  So, in all, an exciting year ahead!!

I hope you will all join me on the adventure. But most of all, I hope will all have a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!!

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