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08 Dec 2019

Support – It’s Easy!!, I have been banging on about for a while now, is a social platform dedicated to performing one, simple task… bringing anglers together online to talk about fishing.  Whilst we have been running unofficially for a few weeks now, I intend to fully launch the service on the first of January 2020.  There won’t be any fanfare or high budget marketing though.  Fishamo is currently a one-man (me) operation conceived and created to enable anglers to connect with each other and angling companies and clubs to connect with their customers and members!

How can you help Fishamo succeed in its ambitions?

Like all social networks, Fishamo needs seed content, simply put… if no one gives anglers a reason to join, anglers will not use the platform to its full potential and the angling industry (who are part of the reason I decided to create Fishamo in the first place) will not benefit from the clear advantage to be had in gathering all anglers in one place.  Here are some reasons to include Fishamo in your social media marketing mix:

  1. It slots right into what you are already doing!

Everyone has social icons on their page, right?  If you don’t then you have bigger issues than Fishamo can help you with!

Fishamo has pre-made social icons which should slot right in with your current designs!

Get Logos & Social Media Icons
Click the folder to download our logos and social media icons for your page!
  1. It’s easy to do!

Simply add your avatar and header image to your company profile page and you are ready to start attracting new followers on Fishamo.

3.Easy to update

A bit like other micro-blogging sites, simply use up to 240 characters to update your status and all those eager followers that you have attracted (and many more) will be updated about your latest product idea, marketing promotion or whatever you choose to share!

  1. Protect your name!

When any new social media platform begins, it is so annoying when you can’t get the name you want.  Your profile address on Fishamo will be… make sure you claim that new territory before someone else does!

  1. It is a FREE marketing outlet.

Like all social platforms, there is no cost associated with setting up your profile on Fishamo and telling your customers about the things you are doing.  If you want to expand your Fishamo reach, you can either use your existing social media outlets to get more followers or choose to invest in advertising to support Fishamo.

If you are a club:

All of the advantages described above apply to fishing clubs and syndicates too… there is no cost involved and in an instant, you can inform all your members about what you have going on in your club… it’s easy, it’s free and it’s a potential, cost-free, alternative to a web site!!  What could be better?

Yeah… But other platforms do all that, why should I bother?

I have spoken about the problems of dilution before, today, even Facebook are looking into encouraging more people to join Facebook groups.  Why?  Because people are interested in seeing posts about the things that THEY are interested in.  Generic social platforms are the domain of kitten videos and ‘what I ate for breakfast’ updates!  It’s not just me, social media experts from the very top to the minor leagues are saying that the future of social media lies in the area of niche social networks!

The benefits for fishing

We ALL know what the world of social media is like in angling, I do, I spend my time researching anglers and social media!  Bringing anglers together, in one place, on one social platform allows us to get the message out there for the betterment of the future of angling.  No angler is going to retire from other social media entirely and dedicate all their online time to Fishamo, but the option to update yourself and read about fishing in an environment uncluttered by all the other ‘stuff’ of modern life is something we can ALL relate too.

A plea from me!

I started Fishamo, originally on Facebook, with the intention of bringing anglers together and giving manufacturers, dealers and clubs an outlet for positive promotion of the sport.  That original interest developed into a dream to create a stand-alone social network for the angling world! I am not going to lie to you, I, like everyone else who starts a venture like this, would like to imagine myself enjoying life aboard my own Big Game boat lapping up the sun and enjoying the pleasures of success one day.  But today, today, it is more than that, today it is about bringing anglers together, doing something good for the community, for the trade and for clubs!  PLEASE get on-board with that, click the link below and sign up to support Fishamo in its mission!

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