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10 Jan 2020

Why I chose to put Fishamo on ice

Today, I decided to take down my fledgling social media platform… not because it was not working, the software, at least, was working very well thank you. However, recent conversations forced me to realise some problems with the social media model I was building.  As a result, if you go to today, you will find the following message awaiting you:

All great things take time, dedication and bloody mindedness to get working correctly!  Fishamo is no different!  Today, it was realised that Fishamo, as it stood, might not be fit for the purpose we hoped it might be… So, we are going back to the drawing board!  We will be back soon and better than before! Do bear with us, Fishamo will be worth the wait! is a project designed to bring anglers together, as a one man show, I have the freedom to make ultimate decisions about it’s future.  One of the most important decisions, I think, is to create a platform which offers anglers what they need in a way that is ethically defensible.  Having given the matter some deep thought and no small amount of research, Fishamo… In its current format, was not performing on either count… Here, I will try to explain my reasoning and my hopes for the future of Fishamo which, I am convinced is STILL an idea that angling needs!

What Anglers Want…

In creating Fishamo, I was guilty of deciding what the angling community wanted without considering the implications.  I decided that the angling world needed to be told how to use social media… they don’t.  Already, tens of thousands, possibly millions of anglers log on every day to use social media, they know what they like, they like Facebook style groups where they can openly share their ideas and achievements in a public forum… Fishamo took that away from anglers, it offered a Twitter-style platform.  Not only did anglers need to join but then they needed to commit to starting a conversation with people who simply were not there!  The lesson I can learn from this is that it is much easier to join a conversation than it is to start one… The next iteration of Fishamo will accommodate this fact.

Ethically defensible…

It is easy to sit at our computers, phones, or whatever device we choose to use to access the ever-widening web… but do we actually think about the factors that make that web accessible, where is all that data kept?  What is the carbon footprint?  Turns out that a social media platform, like Fishamo was designed to be, holds the potential of becoming an environmental monster!! Take a look at the info-graphic below which indicates the potential problems the internet poses to the environment!

Now, I am not an hardcore environmental warrior by any stretch of the imagination, but a start up social media project like, particularly seeing as it is dedicated to a group of people who are dependent on and interested in the environment MUST think of ways to reduce it’s carbon footprint… in its current incarnation was not doing that.

Where next?

Fishamo must offer anglers what they want, and it must do it with some consideration of the world around it… going forward, Fishamo will re-emerge soon.  A streamlined, community focused social network interested in bringing anglers together.

Watch this space!

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