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29 Feb 2020

Experts Wanted

Always pursuing the next big idea, I have decided to start work on a great new website!  To make it happen I need experts!  So, if you are such an angling expert, read on to find out why I have decided to launch an ‘Experts Wanted’ campaign!

Dedicated to all those starting out!:

Can you imagine how great it would have been to have an expert on hand that you could speak to when you were just starting out in angling?  Imagine if, when you decided to pursue a new species, there was an expert out there who could give you the benefit of their amassed knowledge and expertise?

Well, that’s what my new project is all about.  I want to bring anglers into contact with experts and, more than this, I want to make more angling experts available to the angling community!

Helping each other:

Through a platform dedicated to the sharing of expertise in a wide array of angling fields on a virtual 1:1 basis, I am hoping that more anglers will be able to get more out of their sport.  More than this, I hope that more excellent anglers will be able to profit from their expertise giving British angling a much-needed rout into professionalism!

Because it’s worth it!:

For too long, skilled anglers have been giving away their knowledge online.  In today’s information-driven society, knowledge is worth something and, for the very top experts out there, there should be more ways of earning a living from your sport than there currently are!

Of course, it’s not all about making money, some experts might choose to share their skills for free, some might wish to build up a reputation as a skilled expert before deciding to start charging for their expertise!  Our new platform will make that possible!

How it will work.:

Everyone will be free to set up as an expert in their chosen field of angling and start advising those who need help with their angling!  Of course, you can choose to set up as a free expert or you can charge for your services.  Ultimately, the customers will decide if your advice is worth paying for… and that is where the work of being an expert comes in!

You will need to market your skills and your ‘expert services’ to potential customers who will then be able to sign up to the platform and start benefiting from your skills!  Like all businesses, you will need to work to build it up but, for some, this will offer a route into, at least, semi professionalism!  For others, this will simply be an opportunity to share their skills with other anglers!

Are you an expert?:

Drop me an email, let me know if you think you might be an expert and I will keep you updated as the platform is completed… hopefully, by the end of April 2020!!  Act now and be one of the first experts to take advantage of this new platform.  Use the contact details on my card below to get in touch (by email only please).

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