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18 Feb 2020

Shocker! Anglers love a picture (Fishamo re-launched)

So, ok, it’s not too shocking that anglers love an image.  In fact, in a straw-poll conducted by me, 80% of anglers said that looking at photos was their primary motivation for using social media. Fishamo is changing to reflect that!


Many of you were very supportive of my efforts to launch as new social media platform towards the end of last year., I hoped, would be a new kind of social media platform, like our successful Facebook group, Fishamo would bring friendly anglers together where they could talk about angling to their hearts content and the industry could reach them with their excellent offers. But there was a problem:

A month in, whilst I had members, no one was talking!  People were sharing pictured but that was it!  Furthermore, access to recent research convinced me that large social media platforms were, maybe, not the best for the environment!  So, what could I do?  Back to the drawing board I went, I knew I wanted to launch something new for the angling community, but I didn’t really know what, for a while, I had no clue what to do next!

New Fishamo!

For a researcher, I shock myself sometimes at my own stupidity.  If you want to know what to launch for the angling community, maybe it would be a good idea to ask them!  People told me they liked looking at photos of fish (Pretty obvious really). So that’s what I have given them, a photo-sharing site (and soon to be app) dedicated to allowing anglers to share, reshare and comment on their favourite fishing photos!

So here we are, Fishamo has re-launched and, now, anglers can share their images to their hearts desire… well, not quite, images are stored on the platform, but space on the server, and therefore the servers carbon footprint, will be managed by a cunning little algorithm which will limit the amount of images stored!  The most successful images will be kept on the server, those images which get the most engagement and, therefore, bring in the most traffic, whilst the less successful ones will be removed!  Fishamo will store around 10000 images at any one time (although this number might increase if required).

How charitable of me?

Well…. not really, also has to pay its own way, like any venture, the hope is that the site will generate money, and, to this end, there will soon be added certain pro features.  These ‘Pro’ features are expected to include the ability for professional users to include links on their image pages, to boost images and, potentially, to store more images.  In this way, Fishamo will potentially work as a SEO monster for the angling industry, providing valuable backlinks to industry websites as well as an advertising space powered by creativity!

The new Fishamo is in its early stages and development of a robust, valuable platform will take time.  However, the future for such a platform, and its potential to generate revenue is clear to be seen!  I hope I will be able to keep you up to date with development and that you will all keep an eye on the future of this exciting project, particularly on the potential applications to promoting YOUR brands!

Visit Fishamo now!

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