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21 Feb 2020

Work With Me – Or you could just sit back and watch it go to Sh*t

Work With Me:

Hew is why I need YOU to work with me! During the past two (and a bit) years of studying for my PhD, I have been so lucky to have met some amazing people from the world of angling.  One of the best opportunities I have been given has been the opportunity to serve as a trustee of the Severn Rivers Trust but, sadly, this is probably one of the few things that I cannot think of a downside to! On the whole, I have had ups and downs.  I have met some amazing people and felt my heart lift with optimism when I attended the huge gathering of tackle trade professionals held by the Angling Trade Association.  I have felt the crushing disappointment of not REALLY seeing anything positive come out of that meeting.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to represent angling through my being part of the Fishing and Angling Advisory Group of the Canal and Rivers Trust and through acting as Angling Representative to the Inland Waterways Association.  But, despite meeting many dedicated individuals working hard for the promotion of angling, I have been disappointed to see the slow progress we have made.  I have been excited to have been invited to events aimed at the launch of new initiatives to promote angling, only to be crushed to have not heard much about them since.  You know? The easiest thing in the world would be to simply say ‘I give up!’. It’s tempting at times. I could so simply throw in my town and say ‘F**k you lot, I’ll go and occupy myself with some other far more lucrative part of social media and when angling has gone in ten years because you lot didn’t seem to be able to get you act together then it won’t be my fault…. I tried’.

Wow, even suggesting that approach gets a lot off a guy’s chest, I am a specialist in social media, one of the fastest growing and highest paid sectors in the world for those at the top!  And I should be at the top, I’ve done more research in the social media realm than 99% of the population and more in the ways that angling pertains to the use of social media than anyone else!  Yet I struggle to pay my bills, partly because I choose to be a PhD student, partly because I choose to be a PhD student interested in angling!  But you know, I am a guy who lefts school at 16 without a qualification to my name, no A levels, no GCSE’s nothing, I worked like a slave up until my 30s when I had this mad idea of trying to go back to school.  Since then, I have gradually become more and more aware of the plight of angling and I decided there was something I could do about it.  Quitting is not really in my DNA so I am not ready to throw the towel in on angling (yet) but I cannot do ANYTHING without YOU!  And my time is running out.

This post isn’t a self-serving opportunity to have a rant, it’s a desperate plea for SOMEONE to stand up and help turn the fortunes of angling around.  In February 2021, my tiny amount of PhD funding that allows me to live day to day will end, then, I will need to find a job that pays the bills whilst I work on writing up my PhD.  The inevitable consequence is that another sector will gain the skills that I have built in pursuit of helping the world of angling.  The good I hoped to do through social media and digital engagement will have been for nothing and another opportunity to help angling, even a little bit, will have passed!

Reaching Out:

I am, today, and will be repeatedly over the coming months until the bitter end, reaching out to the angling community.  To the people who’s livelihoods depend on us having a recreational fishing industry, who look toward angling to pay their mortgage or contribute to their pension and to those who simply love the time they spend fishing and cant imagine a world where kids don’t have the opportunity to catch a fish!  I am asking you to step up and help me do something to have a positive effect on angling, not tomorrow, not in a couple of months’ time, not when you have had chance to see where your company finances stand and, certainly not when it is too late that nothing can help, but TODAY, NOW!

What I want to do:

There is an opportunity for a proactive approach to using social media to promote angling, it’s not going to be overly cheap… but it’s not going to be as expensive as completely losing your company.  We could start now, to research, develop and implement digital initiatives aimed at bringing more people into angling.  You cant do that by employing your mate who’s got a fair few followers on social media to manage your social media accounts, you cant do it by hiring a social media apprentice, or someone who is fresh out of college.  Sure, these people are great to maintain business in an already thriving field but, if you want to revive something that is dying, you need the person who has made it his life, who has done more research than anyone else into the ways that anglers use social media.

I propose the formation of an organisation dedicated to the promotion of angling, to the promotion of a healthy sport, to the promotion of YOUR company and the securing of YOUR livelihood!  Would you leave that responsibility in the hands of an amateur?  Or would you rather leave it in the hands of an expert?

Sadly, I know, many of you will never respond to this… to those, I say a sad farewell.  It’s not a case of IF, but WHEN you will vanish. For the others. Let’s start working, today, for a better future for angling.

Click HERE to get in touch with me NOW!  Don’t leave it until tomorrow!

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