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10 Mar 2020

Coronavirus and the dark art of selling stuff!

I am going to start this blog with an apology to the many sensitive types out there who will think I am taking this Coronavirus too lightly.  The fact is, yes, this virus CAN kill you, just as it could kill me, but it most likely won’t!

Apology out of the way, we find ourselves amid a worldwide panic, not because of a disease so much but more the threat of a disease.  Many of us won’t catch Coronavirus, many of us will, of those who do catch it, probably only about 1 in 5 of us will become ill.  Most of us will recover from the virus.  I could list many other, far more likely, opportunities you will have to die tomorrow, and I am sure you could too if you really thought about it.  Who out there fears the Flu?  Yeah, none of us like it but many of us accept it as a real risk of everyday life… but the World Health Organisation estimates that between 290000 and 650000 people die worldwide as a result of the flu.  This makes the Coronavirus, currently, a lightweight by comparison.

What we are seeing in the world today is the effects of a virus going viral (excuse the pun). People fear Coronavirus, not because they might catch it, not because it is likely we will all die from it, but, because the wonderful world of social media has told us to fear it and, because we all blindly do as we are told by the media, a worldwide panic has ensued.

We are not medical experts:

For medical experts all over the world, the question now is: ‘How can we combat this virus?’. This is exactly the question they should be asking because, lets face it, even one death that is preventable is one death too many.  I find myself in awe of the hard work and dedication of such experts and thank them for the work they are doing in a fight to keep us ALL safe from a frightening disease.  But we are not medical experts, we can not (other than by following sound medical advice) help much in this question. What we can do is observe a phenomenon and learn from it for our own selfish gains. Or, if you are of a more altruistic nature, the greater good of humanity. We should be looking at this virus with a certain degree of guarded admiration, we should all be trying to become ‘the virus’. What do I mean?

Observing disaster:

It is the virus itself that has become viral through social media. We can each see this when we log onto our preferred social media platform. The conversations, the arguments, the jokes that a pinging around the internet are speaking to us. They are trying to tell us about something which we can harness to create amazing results for our own social media marketing efforts.

What I am saying, is that Coronavirus is a lot like Kim Kardashian (sorry to Kim’s legal team). But my point is that it has found a way to get us all talking about it.  It does not have a brain of its own and yet it has still found a way to become globally famous. As a result, it has become the thing on the very tips of all our tongues, the thing that pops into our heads every 20mins throughout the day as we religiously remember to wash our hands.

What is that thing?

You know, for me, sharing my thoughts or providing answers about this magical thing that Coronavirus has would be like throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Like always, I am here, available for freelance work and consulting if you want me.  But I have done something for free here in this blog. Perhaps, when looking at marketing YOUR business or products, you should think more about what the coronavirus has that you don’t?


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