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13 Jul 2020

Instagram: FREE help for Angling Companies!

Instagram Help for FREE

I have been rather quiet of late. Partly, that has had to do with my working on my doctoral research and a developing a growing interest in the work of Alexander Wanless (more about that in future posts). But, mostly, it has been about developing my work and understanding of the Instagram platform.  Research and striving to understand the people behind social media is what I do… I have had a passion for the world of angling since long before social media began. But, I have had a joint passion for both since realising that Angling is about the most powerful force in the world of angling.

All told, between my academic research and my determined efforts to understand how we can use Instagram as a power for the good of fishing and, most importantly to the industry, how we leverage the platform to market fishing and fishing tackle, my Lockdown has not been very restful! In the knowledge that there will be a huge strain on the tackle trade,  I spent an average of 10 hrs a day, specifically looking at how anglers use Instagram, how followings are built, how those followings can result in sales.  I actually worked it out yesterday and found out that I have spent more than 300 hrs on this subject alone!  But it has not been wasted, I want to report that I have had real success with the platform… now enjoying growth of around 20 new followers a day! And I would like to offer this knowledge to YOUR company for free!!

20 a day, that’s not a lot!!

The other day, someone said to me that 20 followers a day was not much. They could get a few thousand with a single investment… Yes you can, but these will be poor followers for your business, they will be mostly fake, few will have any interest in angling and you will run a huge possibility of having your Instagram account banned for breaking their rules!!  NOT something you want to happen to your account when your business is potentially on the line.

If you don’t exist on Instagram, you don’t exist.

I could go into detail to tell you why you should be using Instagram already in your marketing efforts, but that’s not the intent of this post, instead, there is a great article about all that right here ( Instead, let me assure you, Anglers are using Instagram right now! To share their catch, to find out what others have been catching and to find out what the ‘latest thing’ in fishing is… simply put, if you want your products found you need to be on Instagram and that goes for EVERYONE from the one-man local bait shop to multinational tackle giants!

Why are you going to help me for FREE?

In the early days of COVID-19, I worried a lot about what this was going to do to angling. It would seem my worries were unfounded. Both my own angling Facebook Group and the Angling hobby, in general, has witnessed a slight surge in participation… but this isn’t going to help YOUR business! it’s not going to help anyone’s business to be fair, not unless you have a proven way to reach Anglers… With failing confidence in the high street, this will affect the tackle trade also and it is this very problem that I want to help with.

I am willing to offer 1 week’s FREE work to help boost your Instagram following in return for an honest review of my work at the end…  No commitment to keep on using me, if you want, you can take your new followers as a gift!  No questions asked, no strings attached!

Obviously, I can’t do this for everyone (The hours in my day wouldn’t allow that for such a labour-intensive social platform as Instagram).  However,  I will do as many as I can, and those I can’t help right away, I will put on a waiting list to help next!

This is a 100% FREE, no questions asked, offer as long as you own an angling business of any size or shape.  But, of course, I would like to go on working for you after this free offer to help you continue to develop and profit from your growing online fame!  To do this, I have a very straight forward and transparent pricing structure based purely on growing your Instagram following.

I Charge (Payable in advance):

Weekly £60

Monthly: £130

Quarterly: £360

Employ me when you want, stop when you want.  It is time that YOUR business took advantage of the possibilities Instagram offers. So, regardless of whether it is a small boost you are after with one week’s free work or a longer-term growth you are looking for by employing my services on a freelance basis.  Get in touch today and let’s start working together for YOUR company!

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