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Work With Me: Hew is why I need YOU to work with me! During the past two (and a bit) years of studying for my PhD, I have been so lucky to have met some amazing people from the world of angling.  One of the best opportunities I have been given has been the opportunity […]

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So, ok, it’s not too shocking that anglers love an image.  In fact, in a straw-poll conducted by me, 80% of anglers said that looking at photos was their primary motivation for using social media. Fishamo is changing to reflect that! Fishamo Many of you were very supportive of my efforts to launch as new […]

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10 Jan 2020

Today, I decided to take down my fledgling social media platform… not because it was not working, the software, at least, was working very well thank you. However, recent conversations forced me to realise some problems with the social media model I was building.  As a result, if you go to today, you will […]

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16 Dec 2019

My Christmas Speech

It’s coming towards Christmas and I am spending, virtually, 100% of my time with my head down working on my research. Furthermore, on the 1st of January 2020 I will be launching officially. So, I will be trying to use the days I am actually giving myself off (including Christmas Day) to add some […]

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