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02 Aug 2019

IWA Article Promotes Angling

I serve on many committees and boards and take great pride in being given the opportunity to have a little bit of input into creating a future for this activity that we all love so much.  As angling representative on the Inland Waterways Association Navigation Committee, I was honoured to be asked to put together […]

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Faceook Group Management

Wow, this week, I decided to set up a Facebook group, my driving vision behind this task was that I could build a group that gave a positive image of angling.  The reason for this was that I have seen a lot of thuggish behavior, singling people out and personal attacks on the achievements of […]

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23 Jul 2019

Perhaps one of the most fundamental questions asked by anyone new to the world of social media is ‘Why should I bother with social media?’ The answer to this question might seem obvious to some but, to others, it takes a little explaining and I can understand why.  After all, fishing for sport has been […]

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Fishing… It’s great, isn’t it?  I think that’s an understatement, but I’m not sure it’s the ONLY thing (pause for boos and hisses).  No, wait me out here, I’m like many of the people who will read this, I got up this morning and thought about fishing within the first few moments of consciousness. Before […]

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