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17 May 2019

So, I have been thinking just recently about some of the contemporary worlds angling greats, some unsung current angling superheroes if you like. I’m not talking about great anglers here but people who, in my humble opinion, are working in the world of Angling today and have the potential of making, or have already made, […]

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An interesting opportunity arose recently.   Tomorrow, I will be attending a Zander workshop organised jointly by the Angling Trust and the Canal and Rivers Trust.  I am attending in my capacity as a member of the Inland Waterways Association Navigation Committee. I am lucky enough to represent angling to this great and important national organisation. […]

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10 Apr 2019


My work and involvement in angling, of late, has been heavily involved with the politics of this game we call fishing.  Politics is important, but it’s not the reason that I started fishing, I don’t think it’s the reason that most people started fishing.  More importantly, I don’t think it’s the reason that the next […]

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30 Jan 2019

Being Anglers in the World!

So, I have been rather busy with my challenge so far this year and have not posted much on here, the more observant of you will have noticed that my blog has changed somewhat to incorporate my professional services which I am happy to be able to offer to the angling community!  Community, that’s an […]

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