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13 Dec 2018

So, I have been blogging rather a lot about the politics of fishing lately, about the need to create a sport that is more inclusive for future generations and one that has ‘something for everyone’. Well, I guess that I am still banging on about that this week, but I think that I want to […]

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24 Nov 2018

How can we as anglers blame internet technology which puts the power to promote our sport in our own hands for the first time, are we really so self-centered and lazy to take advantage of a new era and promote our sport to the biggest potential audience in history?

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08 Nov 2018

I have spent most of my life angling, so much of my life, in fact, that I still remember key points in it by my fishing activities at the time.  I remember crafting my first fishing rod out of a branch, attaching some discarded line and a hook, and catching my first fish, a Perch.  […]

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09 Oct 2018

What if Angling was simpler?

There is so much ‘Stuff’ we are expected to have these days, through the pressure of socially constructed ‘rules’ about what makes us an angler, that, I believe, it is really hindering the possibilities open to new anglers to get involved in the sport.  I’ve been thinking recently, with my upcoming presentation at the 49th […]

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