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10 Aug 2018

Keiryu Fishing

I recently took my interest in Japanese fixed line fishing, in the form of Keiryu, to a small lowland stream on the hunt for some beautiful Brown Trout, I was not disappointed! Kieryu offers a low-cost way to fish for Game, and virtually every other species of fish that you can imagine in small streams […]

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22 Jul 2018

The truly great thing about species hunting is that it makes every fish really matter.  This morning, when my alarm went off a five AM, I was as keen to get up and get out fishing as I ever was.   I had had a late night the night before and I had a thirty-five-mile round […]

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29 May 2018

Canals are great, aren’t they?  Ok, in one sense the ubiquitous question “Caught anything?” is a little annoying at times, reminding you, as it often does, that you have spent the last couple of hours sat there without even a bite.  It’s also a question, by the way, that I am convinced has been devised […]

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12 Jan 2018

Our Dying Sport

As a sport, angling has many challenges.  Not least among these is the rapidly ageing angling population and poor recruitment into our ranks. What is really causing this?  I would argue that it is the decline of angling as a culture.

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