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08 Aug 2019

Oh wow, got to love that question, not for any real reason other than it always comes from one of only two types of people.  There are those who think there are only, like, 5 social media sites and then there are those who have realised that there are hundreds and they can’t possibly be […]

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02 Aug 2019

IWA Article Promotes Angling

I serve on many committees and boards and take great pride in being given the opportunity to have a little bit of input into creating a future for this activity that we all love so much.  As angling representative on the Inland Waterways Association Navigation Committee, I was honoured to be asked to put together […]

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17 May 2019

So, I have been thinking just recently about some of the contemporary worlds angling greats, some unsung current angling superheroes if you like. I’m not talking about great anglers here but people who, in my humble opinion, are working in the world of Angling today and have the potential of making, or have already made, […]

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12 Jan 2018

Our Dying Sport

As a sport, angling has many challenges.  Not least among these is the rapidly ageing angling population and poor recruitment into our ranks. What is really causing this?  I would argue that it is the decline of angling as a culture.

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