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Coronavirus has locked the country down and forced us all to rethink our leisure time activities.  I have spoken before about the effects that too much leisure time could have on the world but, on a similar note, there is a secondary problem, one that is born out of restrictions on the kinds of leisure […]

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10 Mar 2020

I am going to start this blog with an apology to the many sensitive types out there who will think I am taking this Coronavirus too lightly.  The fact is, yes, this virus CAN kill you, just as it could kill me, but it most likely won’t! Apology out of the way, we find ourselves […]

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29 Feb 2020

Experts Wanted

Always pursuing the next big idea, I have decided to start work on a great new website!  To make it happen I need experts!  So, if you are such an angling expert, read on to find out why I have decided to launch an ‘Experts Wanted’ campaign! Dedicated to all those starting out!: Can you […]

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Work With Me: Hew is why I need YOU to work with me! During the past two (and a bit) years of studying for my PhD, I have been so lucky to have met some amazing people from the world of angling.  One of the best opportunities I have been given has been the opportunity […]

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